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Marcia Griffin

Position: Founder & President of HomeFree-USA

Marcia Griffin is on a mission to financially strengthen people and elevate homeownership success for people of color across America. As founder and president of HomeFree-USA, Marcia has helped thousands to save, keep and get more money through Homeownership, which she feels is the key to long term wealth for all people. HomeFree-USA enjoys a remarkable 0% foreclosure rate among families that have participated in the organization’s pre-and post-purchase program. Serving as a bridge between financial institutions and the community, Marcia addresses the needs of homebuyers and homeowners with targeted education, distinctive marketing strategies and unique lender products. A recognized homeownership expert and frequent guest speaker, Marcia is a member of the Freddie Mac Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, the Fannie Mae Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, the Ocwen Financial Community Advisory Council, America’s Homeowner Alliance, Wells Fargo Housing Foundation

Committee, the Advisory Council of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Council and the Quicken Advisory Council.