FMCRC Assets & Hope Affordable Housing Development is a 501c3 nonprofit affordable housing development company using a “Market-Profit Based Affordable Housing Business Model” designed by Al Pina.  This first of its kind model allows a nonprofit to utilize multiple housing development tracks to ensure profitability of its affordable housing business while at same time delivering an income stream to enhance the nonprofits affordable housing program and other programs and services that benefits low-moderate income Blacks, Latinos and other minorities who are left out of the U.S. economy.  The “Market-Profit Based Affordable Housing Business Model” allows the Black or Latino led and focused nonprofit (or housing builder) to engage affordable housing development without being reliant on government funding that takes control of the way a nonprofit builds or executes its programs and for the most part will lead to a unprofitable single family housing development project that harms the organizations entire financial infrastructure.  My “Market-Profit Based Affordable Housing Business Model will not only focus on the construction of homes targeting low-moderate income buyers or renters, but it also engages the construction of high-end single family homes that allows the nonprofit to realize significant profit that is then taken back into its affordable housing program to benefit a low-moderate income family, buyer or renter.  Al Pina is taking his “Market-Profit Based Affordable Housing Business Model” nationally with a bi-weekly live streaming housing construction training program that will be on location in actual housing construction sites.  This training is to teach Black, Latino and other minority nonprofits and builders how to build new construction and rehabs profitably while delivering profit back to its organization and housing program.  This training is being launched at the 2021 National Virtual Black & Latino Economic Summit Nov 2-Dec 7 (www.blackandlatino.org)  All training programs will be recorded and can be found at www.blackandlatino.org

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