Join our FREE 2021 National Virtual Black and Latino Economic Summit for imperative discussions on topics related to the current and future socio-economic conditions of Black & Latino communities.

The Summit agenda will feature forums, workshops, and presentations to educate and encourage mutually beneficial partnerships among participants, presenters, and sponsors.

Black & Latino Economic Summit Recap Videos

Access to Capital for Black & Latino Businesses Implementation of Section 1071 of Dodd-Frank Act

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap and the Impact on Black Latino Communities

Creating A Master Community Development Plan for Black Latino Neighborhoods 007

Federal Reserve Board Opens Up Access to Capital For Black Latino Businesses Nonprofits

How to Leverage CRA and Make Equitable Working Capital Available 016

Increasing Homeownership 014

Modernization of the Community Reinvestment Act of 1975 013

Narrowing the Homeownership Gap 015

PNC Commits More Than $1 Billion To Help End Systemic Racism

Regions Bank Building a Dialogue for Improved Capital Opportunities

Summit Welcome Doing More Regions Bank’s Commitment to Equity and Empowerment

Support Advocacy for Latino Communities in the Wake of COVID 19 Beyond

Truist Bank Commitment To The Community

The Facts about Black Brown Communities and Why Current Funding Models Cannot End Systemic Racism

Virtual Luncheon Blueprints to Buildings

Virtual Luncheon Brian Lamb

Wells Fargo Bank Accelerating Community Impact During COVID 19

Worthy of Investment-The Importance of Black and Latino Coalition Building

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